Monday, 16 July 2018

7 Days Healthy Heart Meal Plan Diet

7 Days Healthy Heart Meal Plan Diet

Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stabilize blood pressure in your body.
Introducing Healthy Heart Meal Plan Diet apps! These apps is designed solely for the purpose to prevent and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These diet plan menu focuses on type of healthy meals to decrease the level of cholesterol, and stabilize blood pressure in your body.
However, this apps is not intended to substitute any medical treatments for those who have suffered heart problems. Please consult your doctor first before consuming any types of diet. It is solely designed for generally healthy people who have unhealthy eating habits that may potentially lead to heart disease.

This apps provide you 7 Days Meal Plan which are simple, repetitive and easy references. You can repeat the same meal plan provided up to 2 weeks. These type of diet is not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases but also will help you gradually to lose weight and maintain it at a healthy level since excessive weight also contributes to the increased risk of developing heart diseases.
Simply follow the instructions provided to prepare your meal plan for this diet program. The schedule of each meal plan provided with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and before sleep time. Make sure to drink plenty of water (at least 8 to 10 glasses) each day.

Apps Feature includes:
-          About the Diet (overview of the diet and its benefit)
-          Meal Plan Menu (7 days meal plan menu)
-          Food to Avoid & Recommended Food intakes
-          Apps Info (Disclaimer / Privacy Policy / Apps Share/ More Apps by Developer)

Important Notes:
Please consult your doctor before begin any types of diet especially for those people that are diagnosed with others health problems or under medications. The 1 weeks menu is very simple and repetitive up to 2 weeks. You can also add some workouts so you can have even better results. Make sure you use only organic foods during the whole diet process.
Finally, we wish you good luck and all the best on your diet program journey!! Healthy Heart = Healthy Life!

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