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Get your complete instant LIVE 4D Results and Win today!

Available for West & East Malaysia and Singapore. This apps provide 4D draw results from Sports TOTO, LOTTO 88, STC, Da ma Cai, MAGNUM, Cash Sweep & Singapore 4D.

Feature includes,
- Stable, reliable & fastest performance.
- Provided quick & direct live results.
- Easy to use. Just click on the screen menu tab and choose which 4D results you want to see.
- Able to see previous results so that you can analyse your 4D calculation and predictions.
- Winning No. History to check your favourite number performance.

Awesome features includes;
(Write / Jot down your prediction 4D no. using our 4D NOTEPAD which enable you to save, share or send to social media, friends and family.)

Check your 4D results today and perhaps is your Lucky Day! Great Luck to you!

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Collections of inspiring & powerful verses from the Bible for your daily needs.

Best Bible Quotes & Verses Apps is a free application which includes most popular verses, quotes and messages from the Holy Bible which inspire your everyday needs. The Best Bible Quotes & Verses is designed to build up the believer’s spiritual life through encouraging quotes from the Holy Bible.

Give a few moment of your day out of your busy life for God and read Bible verses and quotes to make you calm in your daily task before you start your daily routine or reflections of your life before you go to sleep.

These are some of the collections of Best Bible Quotes & Verses about:
- Anger
- Courage
- Encouragement
- Faith
- Family
- Forgiveness
- Happiness
- Hope
- Inspirational
- Love
- Patient
- Strength
- Temptation

- Simple & concise verses for your everyday needs.
- Simply Swipe left or right to navigate the Bible verses

We are constantly adding new Bible Quotes & Verses to the gallery so that our Best Bible Quotes & Verses apps stay fresh & fun to use. It’s an awesome tools for all Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, and spiritual growth seekers a like.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

God Bless you all.

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Simple and Fun to use for all ages of varies collection of photo mask!

These “FUN ANIME PHOTO MAS” application is a fun and easy way to light up a photo from ordinary to cheerful photo .Featuring “Pirate Hat”, “Halloween Mask”, “Anime Eyes & Smile”, “Fake Beard”, “Masquerade” and many more. Cherish Your Love one Photo to brighten Up their Day & Put a smile onto their face.

-Simple and easy to used,suitable in all ages
-Simply Tap “OPEN” to load and Snap Picture. Tap “Mask” and Choose” to pick sticker and Tap “Apply” when done choose “EFFECT “to add effect on picture. Tap “SEND “to save or share your masterpiece.

Stay with us as we will add more feature in this app to suit your delicacy

Previews: Apps are now available on Google Play Store!
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Share Latest Design of Kaamatan Greeting Cards with your friends & families!


The Kaamatan Festival or Harvest Festival is particularly significant as it marks not only the occasion to honour Bambaazon (the spirit of rice) and to thank God for the bountiful harvest and His generosity in prolonging life on earth. But it is also an occasion where the promise of friendship and brotherhood is renewed through mutual forgiveness. This is one of the most indigenous and grandest festival in Sabah.

Go ahead and experience simple and easy to use of the app by choosing a photo of you or capture via camera and be creative with SABAH KAAMATAN FESTIVAL 2017 app. The app also allow you to send out Kaamatan Greetings Cards to friends and family. Celebrate the joy’s of harvest festival with various / unique / beautiful / latest greetings card design. 

Awesome Features of Sabah Kaamatan Festival 2017 apps:
- About Kaamatan: Summary History about Kaamatan / common Events & Activities
- Places to Visit: A Glimpse of Cultural Village in Sabah
- Kaamatan Greetings Cards: one TAP to share & send latest collection of greets card for your friends and family
- Kaamatan Sticker: Edit your photo with this apps which allow you to pick your favourite captions of Kaamatan.
- Kaamatan Photo Frame: Beautiful frames in application with totally free of charge.
- Guidelines: The apps guidelines / Privacy Policies / Disclaimer

Special Features:
- Native Language of Kadazandusun is included in these greetings card collection and sticker caption.

Share your work of art in your album or you could even share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram or other social media. Be enjoy and have fun with your new Sabah Kaamatan Festival 2017 app here in the app store.

Wish you all a very happy Harvest Festival and Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan to all Sabahan People who celebrating Kaamatan Harvest Festival!

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Can you survive and escape this maze puzzling Warrior Princess Escape adventure?

Join into a challenging platforming adventure with Warrior Princess Escape. 
Avoid any obstacle that coming through your way! 

Watch out because the rooms are full of pits and other deadly dangers. Do you have what it takes to escape safetly from this dangerous ancient castle! 

- Stylish and retro pixel art graphics!
- SNES inspired retro soundtrack.
- Exciting and nerve wrecking challenging level.
- Updated with latest challenging levels.

Previews: Apps is now available at Google Play Store, 
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Try out this easy and simple Happy Birthday Photo Editor on your phones now!

Would you like your pictures to be appearing from the beautiful frame from Happy Birthday Photo Editor? These beautiful and high definition frames are ideal for you to frame your memories and make them unforgettable. Using this app you can make photos more beautiful by decorating them with the different designs of frame only for you. 
Try take picture with them and slide to choose different frame wonderful of your liking. Experience simple and easy to use of the app by Choosing a photo of you or capture via camera and be creative with Happy Birthday Photo Editor. 
Happy Birthday Photo Editor also allow you to send out Happy Birthday Cards to friends and family. Celebrate the marvellous joy of birthday with various/unique/beautiful/awesome birthday card design. 

What’s wonderful?
#Easy and simple to use yet suitable for all ages.
#Latest collection and various design photo frames.
#One TAP share Birthday Cards to send them your friends and family
#Beautiful frames in application you will feel free to use all of frames with total free.

Share your work of art on your Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or other social media. Be enjoy and have fun with your new Happy Birthday Photo Editor app here in the app store.
Download Now and Hope you love Happy Birthday Photo Editor and Happy Birthday To You. So Don't Miss The Fun

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Challenge yourself with 3 days Military Diet Plan to burn fat fast!


The Military Diet is a 3-Days plan diet that claims to may lose up to 10 pounds in a week if you follow respectively to the menu plan.

These types of diet help to burn fat and lose weight faster without doing any physical exercise or workouts.

This is a low calories, low fat and low carb diet plan. It’s required only minimal cooking. In fact, this is one of the natural best diets weight loss or burn fat without any prescription. The diet may make you feel hungry, tired, and grumpy because it's a low-calorie plan.
Please take note that its only 3 days diet plan. You may repeat the same procedure after a week or 4 days after.

Features includes:
- About the Diet
- Full Shopping list for the diet plan 
- Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Military Diet Menu: Day 1
- Military Diet Menu: Day 2
- Military Diet Menu: Day 3
- Food Substitution List

Let's start the 3 Day Military Diet today!

PREVIEW: It's a Free Application available on Google Play Store!
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